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Posted by Clara Choi on February 17, 2012 0 Comments

So moving the website had a few surprises here and there, mostly good, and some bad.

  • Changing my wordpress theme to a shopify theme literally took 2 seconds, replaced all the php tags to liquid tags, the reference was in a handy place. Mostly didn't need to look that up either.
  • Copying and pasting google caches of stuff into the editor resulted in exceptional preservation of html
  • following the instructions per the transfer domain from godaddy page was mostly confounding, thought I realize that the correct basic instructions were actually there all along, I just wasn't looking in the right place.
  • The editor is mostly smarter than the wordpress one when it comes to generating html tags, I didn't have to go and get mad at it
  • I finally got rid of my ghetto paypal buttons =) 
  • I moved my tld, which takes forever to propagate, which is normal, but somehow shopify led me to believe it would work magically, and it didn't
  • It might of bugged me a little that posts are articles...
  • It was exceptionally hard to make my home page a regular shopify page, I had to edit the theme, which I guess I had to do anyways, but it was annoying while it lasted that I had a welcome in my title tag (and was told that can't be changed), and a new blog was automatically called news

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