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People we can argue for the right reasons, cheaper taxi fare, and safety are bull shit reasons to shut uber down. Uber is a fucken wake up call, implemented in the worse way :). (By that I mean they have no regards for your privacy, it's designed to be a monopoly, it is hard for people to participate in the decision making of any part of the system, we convert public transportation to a private transportation system, it is however, still a brilliant transportation system)

How about we start opening up the market, and regulating data that is collected. How about we start building public infrastructure to collect and serve better travel information for buses and taxis. How about we find out how to make jobs and improve transportation instead of crying? The more time we spend not fixing the underlying supply and demand routing problem, the taxi profession will cease to exists in cities that do not have the population density for taxi to be sitting around. Take that, all you 1188 taxis in Ottawa.
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normally you don't need to literalize string in a yaml file, except when you randomly run across keywords that catches you offguard ( Like 'ON' is a keyword, but 'OFF' is not ('off' is)
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I run into this a lot, and I wonder a lot what is the proper answer to this question.
For accounting it is easy, record everything, unless it is not confirmed or rolling. You have patterns like, db_amount || rolling_sum
But... what about other things? when do you record it? and what if you need to update it? Duplication of data isn't a problem as a data scientist, but what about when the duplication needs to incorrect data? Now what? What is atomic and why?

Those are the things I think about a lot, and not just from data analyst point of view, because of course, the "ideal" world would be duplicate all the things, and event ALL the things... what about billing? what about when your data cannot grow unbounded? How do you leave data in a state much like you do with code?

There are answers to these questions, which with every answer, ultimately leads to more questions ... and sometimes I am not sure if I am happy with what I hear :)...
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I just watched that move last night, and the single most intriguing thing, was the mention of real "magic". Of how it is all an illusion in the making, that took days and months, and years to plan, and you were just not looking at the right place. We can all add magic to your life, if you are willing to be patient, hard working, and to wait for the perfect opportunity to entertain.
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I have always wanted to get more opportunities to be exposed to Japanese. So yesterday I finally took the courage to apply to be a recipe translator. Why not combine the love of food and Japanese, and something I do anyways, and do it more often.

It's one thing to read the recipes, and see what happens when you cook it, it is another thing to write it down properly, and make sure that it works in the context of a North American kitchen. Might be fun :)


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So the bible has more than 365 reminders, or sentences of telling us, "do not be afraid". It makes me think, when people are nervous, we tend to drop the "do not" on instructions (psychological experimentation done), and there is no need really to remind you unless u were afraid in the first place. Isn't the bible just reminding us daily to be afraid. 

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I successfully fused my old wordpress theme and a shopify theme together, it needs a few more tweak before it looks like one website, like unify color and fonts

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This I did not expect from blizzard, apparently passwords are case-insensitive. 

 But anyways, what's more funny is the response from the QA, "it's consistent behaviour with our other games", and "Please leave discussions like this to the General Discussion forums. I'm not going to keep posting on threads if my answer to someone's bug report is a huge discussion about something that isn't a bug."


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