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Posted by Clara Choi on February 19, 2012 0 Comments

HAHAHA, I am reading an article about how target figures out you are pregnant etc... Thought what was actually more interesting in the article is  the talk about habits, and how habits take over etc. Apparently there is a loop - cue, routine, reward; Such that my brain stops participating in certain decision making. 

For someone who dislike habits very much, I sat there and took a step back and think, is that really true. I guess the habit of doing things different is itself a habit, I don't necessarily think about it. What I do differently is almost always consistent too, strangely enough.

Maybe it makes sense as to why I can't sleep every day at the same time, or feel stable in various situations. 

But I am determined to fight you, with that, I should really go back to bed and wake up earlier tomorrow. Time to actively construct some useful routines if that computer-thingy-mabob is going to do it itself anyways.

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