Clara Choi

Uber and Taxi

Posted by Clara Choi on December 09, 2015 0 Comments
People we can argue for the right reasons, cheaper taxi fare, and safety are bull shit reasons to shut uber down. Uber is a fucken wake up call, implemented in the worse way :). (By that I mean they have no regards for your privacy, it's designed to be a monopoly, it is hard for people to participate in the decision making of any part of the system, we convert public transportation to a private transportation system, it is however, still a brilliant transportation system)

How about we start opening up the market, and regulating data that is collected. How about we start building public infrastructure to collect and serve better travel information for buses and taxis. How about we find out how to make jobs and improve transportation instead of crying? The more time we spend not fixing the underlying supply and demand routing problem, the taxi profession will cease to exists in cities that do not have the population density for taxi to be sitting around. Take that, all you 1188 taxis in Ottawa.

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