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This I did not expect from blizzard, apparently passwords are case-insensitive. 

 But anyways, what's more funny is the response from the QA, "it's consistent behaviour with our other games", and "Please leave discussions like this to the General Discussion forums. I'm not going to keep posting on threads if my answer to someone's bug report is a huge discussion about something that isn't a bug."


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I am talking about you, mr sql. Why would you not match the columns on unions, but give me the illusion via your error messages that you were smarter than that.

Then something funnier happened on twitter, people thought I was talking about work unions, and was like OMG UNIONS AREN"T STUPID. Look what have you done SQL.

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Oh my, so I have this thing call a sleeping problem, and this thing call a concentration problem.

I can't really work in the afternoon, waking up in the morning, or sleep at night. As such lately, everyone (including myself) is kinda upset at my work/sleep/play hours.

^-- is due to my years of procrastination, I have done almost all important work during the night, talked to people during the afternoon, and, pretty has never been not a zombie in the morning. I slept whenever I can, and not really on a regular schedule. 

Then again, looking back, life has never been regular ever, it was "more" regular at one point. So the new problem is just sleeping soundly,

So time to try yet another schedule, 10am to 3pm work days, nap time, go home and code at 11pm to 3/4am, and then sleep?

Somehow I feel like this is somewhat psychological, as if I don't want to be serious about it, or there's some more control issues. Don't know. But either way. I need to stop acting like a little child...

This editor makes me want to kill someone, why can't this be a git repo, and I push to you.

Fedex day project? lol

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 This is what one of my friends wished, I would I can take the same liberty when it comes to it. I would add tv in there. But how that would be sweet.


I want my next work term to be completely free of this "24 Hour Day" concept. This is the way I would like my schedule to be:

1) Wake Up
2) Eat
3) Program
4) Sleep
5) Goto 1

All of these step should be entirely independent of the time of day.

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HAHAHA, I am reading an article about how target figures out you are pregnant etc... Thought what was actually more interesting in the article is  the talk about habits, and how habits take over etc. Apparently there is a loop - cue, routine, reward; Such that my brain stops participating in certain decision making. 

For someone who dislike habits very much, I sat there and took a step back and think, is that really true. I guess the habit of doing things different is itself a habit, I don't necessarily think about it. What I do differently is almost always consistent too, strangely enough.

Maybe it makes sense as to why I can't sleep every day at the same time, or feel stable in various situations. 

But I am determined to fight you, with that, I should really go back to bed and wake up earlier tomorrow. Time to actively construct some useful routines if that computer-thingy-mabob is going to do it itself anyways.

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Pretty colors  for folders when you type “ls” for mac osx terminal [as of os 10.6], you do not need to install anything…! (Damn people who tells me to install more gnu utilities… it is just different from linux in that it is LSCOLORS instead of LS_COLORS)

all you need to do is add a few lines to ur “.*rc” … first find the color you want…  here’s a good visual aid

The man page of “ls” explains this much better and in details.. but add:

export LSCOLORS=xxxxxxxx <– where xxxx is the BSD colors you just picked…

export CLICOLOR=1 <– To tell “ls” that you really really want colors…

Thank you wuhrr

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Another sleepless night...

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So moving the website had a few surprises here and there, mostly good, and some bad.

  • Changing my wordpress theme to a shopify theme literally took 2 seconds, replaced all the php tags to liquid tags, the reference was in a handy place. Mostly didn't need to look that up either.
  • Copying and pasting google caches of stuff into the editor resulted in exceptional preservation of html
  • following the instructions per the transfer domain from godaddy page was mostly confounding, thought I realize that the correct basic instructions were actually there all along, I just wasn't looking in the right place.
  • The editor is mostly smarter than the wordpress one when it comes to generating html tags, I didn't have to go and get mad at it
  • I finally got rid of my ghetto paypal buttons =) 
  • I moved my tld, which takes forever to propagate, which is normal, but somehow shopify led me to believe it would work magically, and it didn't
  • It might of bugged me a little that posts are articles...
  • It was exceptionally hard to make my home page a regular shopify page, I had to edit the theme, which I guess I had to do anyways, but it was annoying while it lasted that I had a welcome in my title tag (and was told that can't be changed), and a new blog was automatically called news

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 I got tired of word press and go daddy hosting, so I have moved me to shopify in the mean time.

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